Do you always hear about Pegaso? Do you want to get to know more about Pegaso? If so, continue reading!

Pegaso is the horse of Tiera Vaughan. You can currently see him standing in the Redwood Stables’ paddock facing the hay feeder. He is a Generation 3 Perlino Andalusian that comes with a chestnut tail and mane.

He wears a brown bosal rein, saddle pad, and dark ranger saddle. Trivia! Pegaso was seen in 2020 with Tiera during the Winter Festivities.

General Information 

First Appearance: Star Stable Online 

Appearances in a game: Star Stable Online

Age: Adult 

Stabling: Redwood Stables 

Gender: Stallion 

Breed: Andalusian 

Owner: Tierra Vaughan