In the digital world, Twitch is one of the top popular websites used by millions of users watching different live streamers. This platform is more than just about video game streaming.

In this post, you will get to know more about Twitch. So, let’s get started!

Twitch Overview 

Twitch is one of the most popular platforms, where you can watch and stream tons of digital video broadcasts. Initially, the service focused on video games. However, its expansion made it include streams dedicated to music, talk shows, and artwork creations. In some instances, you may also watch TV series.

The streaming platform has more than two million unique streamers monthly, and over 17 thousand of them earn money. They do it through a service called “Twitch Partner,” providing streamers additional features like ad placements and paid subscriptions.

Notable Features of Twitch 

Twitch’s main feature might be live streaming, but you can also enjoy other features to make the most of it.

Follow or Subscribe. You can either follow or subscribe to the channel. You can enjoy it for free, but paying a monthly fee enables you to support your favorite streamers. If you are a subscriber, you can enjoy ad-free streams, exclusive chat access, and special emotes and badges.

Prime Gaming. Are you an Amazon Prime subscriber? If yes, you can use Twitch with Prime Gaming. This service comes with chat options, exclusive loot, a one-channel subscription, and badges. You can also save your favorite broadcasts for more extended periods. Plus, you can enjoy free monthly games and even in-game items in specific titles, such as Star Wars and League of Legends.

Full Chat Systems. All streams in Twitch are backed by full, reliable chat systems. This means you can communicate with other Twitch users during downtime or while watching. Ensure not to post or share any hate speech or inappropriate content, and do not forget to follow the community guidelines.

How to Find Twitch Streamers 

On the front page of the Twitch apps and website, you can find the recommended streams. You can also discover the latest Twitch channels by browsing the Games category. Other categories that you can explore include Discover, Creative, Popular, and Communities. You can find these categories in the main site’s Browse section.

In addition, you can also find new streams beyond the Twitch site and apps. Many streamers have active social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. This means you can find engaging content by following their profiles. Websites like Reddit also provide great entertaining streams. 

Is It Possible to Make Living on Twitch?

Yes, many broadcasters make a living on this platform due to the vast audience. For instance, if your account reached 50 followers and created enough broadcasts, you have a chance to become a Twitch Affiliate. This means you can start making money through subscriptions and advertising.

If you advance to Twitch Partner designation, it means you have larger audiences. It also means that you are granted more subscription and advertising options with other perks. If you are an entertaining streamer, you can earn more money, especially if your streams attract large audiences. That is because you can have plenty of potential affiliate deals and sponsorship.

There you have it! We hope this post helped and answer some questions in your mind. 

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